Free LinkedIn Courses With Certificates2 min read

Free LinkedIn Courses With Certificates

LinkedIn is a business and employment-oriented online platform which is largely used for professional networking and lets job seekers post their CVs and employers post jobs. In this article, I’ll be covering 12 Free LinkedIn Courses With Certificates these courses includes both tech and non-tech skills which you can learn and advance your career with LinkedIn Learning.

Are LinkedIn Courses Free?

Normally if you try to study through LinkedIn they ask you for a Subscription so usually, these Learning programs are not Free. They do provide you a Free 1 Month trial but after hours of research, I’ve discovered some of the awesome courses for FREE.

How to get LinkedIn free courses?

To access and start learning these courses you just need a LinkedIn Account. If you don’t have an account you can signup for one or you can create one by just signing up using your G-Mail ID. If you still don’t know how to create an account you can follow the below steps to create an account.

Steps to Create an Account on LinkedIn:

  1. Open LinkedIn
  2. Sign-up (by your Gmail ID)
  3. Verify your Email Address by opening your mailing service Inbox
  4. After Your Account is Created Click on the links provided below to get these courses Enrolled

How to get my LinkedIn Certificates:

After enrolling in a course and completing all its tasks (Quizzes/Assignments), LinkedIn will generate a Verified Certificate for you. If you still can’t get your certificate then check your profile or your Email Inbox.

Free LinkedIn Courses With Certificates

Learning Java

Learning Python

Learning Excel: Data Analysis

Writing a Resume

Google Ads Essential Training

Financial Modeling and Forecasting Financial Statements

Asking Great Sales Questions

Graphic Design Careers: First Steps

Effective Listening

Social Media Marketing Foundations

Succeeding in Web Development: Full Stack and Front End

10 Ways to Stay Motivated While Job Hunting

If you want more courses from LinkedIn just Fill out the form provided on our Home page or click here. And if you’re looking for courses provided by any other platform just check out our Courses page.

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