Traffic Secrets Summary – Traffic Secrets Review7 min read

Traffic Secrets Summary - Traffic Secrets Review

Main Idea:

This article is a detailed summary of Book Traffic Secrets. It focuses on the latest era source of traffic which is Social Media. Traffic Secrets helps the user to dominate one platform first and then move to another. In this way, you can drive legit customers who are willing to use your product/service. Additionally, Russell Brunson also points out the problem that is how your future customers will discover you because you don’t have to create traffic you have to identify them. As mentioned in the book i.e., your potential dream customers are already congregating online. For that reason, you must find where they are, use a funnel to filter them onto your mailing list, and to grow your list you must keep delivering lots of value.

Your Dream Customer

A dream customer is the one to whom you will sell your product or service. Just like you have a Dream Girl the same thinking goes with Dream Customer. So in this world, not everyone is your customer. For example, if you have a product that is only for females of age 18-30 then your dream customers are these ladies who are willing to purchase your product/service. In addition, You must design an Avatar of your dream customer and try to know more about him/her. In short, Is your dream customer male/female? What do they like/dislike? Where do they invest? How much money is there in their pocket? Their favorite celebrities. Etc.

Finally, you should understand that your Dream Customer wants results among these three categories:

  1. Health
  2. Wealth
  3. Relationship

You can have all three categories in one message but for the best result, you must focus on one point.

Your Dream Customer - Traffic Secrets Summary

Where Are They Hiding, The Dream 100

After making an Avatar of our dream customers and identifying their attributes, now it is time to understand where they are hiding because we’ll be doing our marketing there. Firstly, we must understand the concept of dream 100 that our target is not millions of people/businesses instead we will be focusing on a specific amount of people. These are our potential consumers who will purchase our product/service. Therefore, make a list of them.

This involves people/ businesses which are already within your specified niche. For example, if you’ve got a Digital Marketing company then you must find businesses/people on YouTube who already have a great number of users on their channel. Make a list of these channels and in this way, you can identify your dream 100 customers who are already congregated there.

Where Are They Hiding The Dream 100

Traffic Secrets Hook, Story, and Offer Summary

At this point you know where the ideal buyers are hiding. Now is the time to use the Russell Brunson third secret which is a process where you through a Hook to the customer just like fishing you through a hook (fish bait) and wait for the fish to come closer. Firstly, your Hook must be so interesting that you make your dream customers stop in their tracks even if they’re crazy busy. Secondly, you tell the Story which means How can you connect with your prospect through a story? Story i.e., what your product is about? Finally, give them the Offer. Call to Action (CTA) for your audience, e.g., “subscribe to my channel”.

Hooks, Story, and Offer are there in every message, Ad, and Marketing medium.

Hook, Story, and Offer - Traffic Secrets Summary

Buy Your Way In, Work Your Way In

The 4th most important point in the traffic secrets summary is to Dig Your Well Before You Are Thirsty. Thus this means that before you launch your brand you should start collaborating with businesses/people who are within the same industry. This idea is often ignored by entrepreneurs. People have the skill of asking for things before developing a relationship. You have to do the groundwork before reaping the rewards of forming strong collaborations.

For example, If you own a Juice shop and you are looking forward to creating a dream 100 list. Then you will make a list of nutrients, gym owners, and proteins sellers and try to build a solid relationship with them before starting your Juice shop.

Work Your Way In

After establishing a relationship now is the time we can work with them. Work your way In (Try to promote your product or service through their YouTube, Social Media, and PodCast).

Buy Your Way In

This is a way of displaying your brand Ads (Paid Ads) to your dream customers who are already part of their audience.

Buy Your Way In, Work Your Way In - Traffic Secrets Summary

Traffic That You Own

So far, we understand that we can build a relationship or pay for Ads on Google or YouTube (you pay them and your work will go up). As a result, you have some opportunity to depend. But to increase sales, you must follow the 5th secret which is Traffic that You Own. In this book, Russell Brunson leads us to build our independent traffic. Making yourself independent means that make your traffic by collecting a list of Emails or Contact Numbers.

This is one of the best methods to craft your traffic flow which is only possible through an organic approach. Most importantly, the finest way to obtain traffic is to produce top-quality content. Because in this way your dream customer will ultimately gravitate towards it.

As a result, to grow organically you have to put in a lot of quality work. So if you like to make traffic focus on your business with followers and depend on your own strength.

Traffic That You Own

Follow Up Funnels

We divide our customers into Three Categories Cold, Warm, and Hot.

Hot refers to a type of client who already has knowledge about your services and is ready to purchase your service. Additionally, it means that these are the buyers who need your help. While on the other hand Cold type of clients wants to know more about your services. For example, Show me your previous samples? They check your competitors and pricing too.

With cold buyers you take some follow-ups in other words you have to arrange 3-4 meetings with them. One of the best methods to understand Follow up Funnels is E-mail Marketing where you give FREE value to your customers to get their emails so that in the future you can sell them High-value products.

An example to better understand the follow-up funnels concept is:

  • Make a short PDF course (SEO)
  • Inside PDF you furthermore talk about your FREE complete (SEO) course
  • Attach a link where they can access that course by providing their Name and Email addresses
  • Through an email list, you can sell them your other products/services in future

There are 3 steps to sell something successfully in your follow-up funnel.


People purchase things based on the emotions that are attached to your product so tell them good stories about it.


Attach a logic to it e.g., in this course you will get the following benefits.


Urgency, this offer ends soon, BUY NOW.

Follow Up Funnels

Infiltrating the Dream 100

In the Traffic Secrets summary, we have already discussed the concept of “Work Your Way In” where we talked about establishing a strong relationship with people. But to collaborate with them we must build a strong loyal audience first by giving them Value. If you have a platform collaboration with someone in your business and they have 1 Million users and you have only 10K Loyal Users. Then there is a great chance that they will collaborate with you. Furthermore, you can gather an audience by making a Facebook Page, Email List, and YouTube Channel which can increase your conversion rate.

Infiltrating the Dream 100


The book Traffic Secrets is all about how to generate traffic for your business through social media platforms. The book talks about how to identify your dream customers and how to build a relationship with them. It also talks about how to create a followup funnel to sell your products/services.

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