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Free Udemy Courses With Certificates

In this article we’ll be sharing new Udemy Free Courses Coupons these courses include different fields including Programming, Digital Marketing, 3D Character Design, and many more. All courses have coupons already applied to them so try to enroll as soon as possible otherwise most of the coupons will be expired within 24 hours. If you miss any udemy free courses coupons you can fill the form provided on the Home page or you can join our Whatsapp Group and Telegram Groups.

For More Udemy Free Courses Coupons:

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Data Analysis Real-world use-cases- Hands-on Python

What you’ll learn:
  1. You’ll Build a Portfolio containing 5 different Data Analysis Projects with Python, Pandas, Plotly, Folium, Seaborn, TextBlob, Geopy & Many more.
  2. Get a job as a Data Analyst for an average of $156,000 after showcasing these Projects on your Resume.

25 Design Patterns in Java for Beginners

What you’ll learn:
  1. You’ll be learning how to deal with complex common problems by using design patterns.
  2. You will also learn how to use design patterns on a day-to-day basis.
  3. You will able to manage the creation, structure, and behavior of complex objects.

Digital Forensics – Zero to Hero Computer Forensics 2021

What you’ll learn:
  1. Digital Forensics Fundamentals
  2. Computer Forensics
  3. Installing Forensics Lab
  4. Evidence Acquisition
  5. Evidence Analysis
  6. Mobile Forensics
  7. Autopsy
  8. Web Browser Forensics
  9. Email Forensics

The Complete Chess Endgame course for Beginners

What you’ll learn:
  1. Basics of Chess Endgames
  2. The power of minor pieces and the King in endgames
  3. How to win and draw positions that seem lost in the endgames
  4. Holding onto a draw in difficult endgame positions

Python Programming Full Course for Beginners 2021 (Hindi)

What you’ll learn:
  1. All Python Basic Concepts in Hindi
  2. Understanding of Python3
  3. You Will Be Become Zero To Hero In Python

Microsoft Excel Masterclass for Business Managers

What you’ll learn:
  1. Solid understanding of Microsoft Excel.
  2. Knowledge of all the essential Excel formulas.
  3. Become proficient in Excel data tools like Sorting, Filtering, Data importing, and Data validations.
  4. Master Excel’s most famous lookup functions such as Vlookup, Hlookup, Index, and Match.
  5. Harness the full potential of Excel by creating Pivot Tables with slicers.
  6. Learn How to make great presentations using the Conditional and Table formatting options.
  7. Visually enchant viewers using Bar charts, Scatter Plots, Histograms, Waterfall charts, etc.
  8. Learn the use of important Excel shortcuts.
  9. Become competent in using advanced Analytics techniques in Excel such as Regression, Goal seeks, and Solver.
  10. Learn Automation Techniques by using Macros.
  11. Explore fun and exciting use cases of Excel in our bonus videos.

Learn JavaScript From the Ground Up: 2021 Edition

What you’ll learn:
  • Understand JavaScript internals and how does it work under the hood.
  • You’ll Learn core JavaScript fundamentals
  • You’ll Learn about asynchronous JavaScript
  • And much more…As this course gets updated every once in a while.

Host WordPress Websites On Cloud Server

What you’ll learn:
  1. You’ll learn How to Register a Cheap Server?
  2. You’ll understand How to Configure an instance?
  3. Learn How to Get Free SSL?
  4. Learn How to install NGINX, PHP 7.3, PHPMYADMIN?
  5. How to connect Domain to Cloud Hosting Server? and also How to Install WordPress?

Complete WordPress Website Developer Course

What you’ll learn:
  • You’ll learn WordPress step by step to make beautiful blogs, websites, e-commerce sites to start your business ONLINE.
  • Set Up Domain and Hosting with no hurdle.
  • Migrate your WordPress Website in Clicks.
  • And much more.

Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads & Messenger Ads MEGA Course 2021

What you’ll learn:
  1. You will learn how to Make Money as a Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads Expert, Supercharge your own business, or Land a highly-paid job.
  2. Grow customer reach through smarter Facebook Advertising &Facebook Marketing.
  3. The easy way to create magnetic Facebook Lead Generation Ads & you’ll be able to boost your Facebook Marketing sign-ups.
  4. The Facebook Marketing algorithm (New 2020 Metrics) – Explained – So you can turn it to your advantage in Facebook Ads!
  5. Learn how to SELL using Facebook Ads with an award-winning instructor. REAL RESULTS from Facebook Conversion & Dynamic Ads, & E-commerce.
  6. Learn how to utilize the POWER of Facebook Pixel Events & save time by creating PERFECT AUDIENCES THAT ARE HIGHLY RECEPTIVE TO YOUR ADS and much more…

Creating a Cute Character in Maya and Photoshop

What you’ll learn:
  1. Learn modeling techniques as well as UV Mapping, Texturing, Lighting and Rendering in Maya then compositing in Photoshop, And much more.


Instagram Marketing 2021: Growth and Promotion on Instagram

What you’ll learn:
  1. Creating a strong Instagram account that looks professional for personal or business use.
  2. Understand how to increase your conversion rate and be able to transform visitors into followers.
  3. Learn different strategies to attract over 15000+ loyal followers & potential consumers to your Instagram.
  4. Learn by practice and get not only theory but also simple examples that can be really useful.
  5. Be up to date with different Instagram features and much more…

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